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UX Design

Fitt’s Law

Interaction Design, User Interface, UX Design

2nd November 2019

When using a pointing-device, the further away, and the smaller a target is, the longer it takes the user to hit it....

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Cognitive Fluency

Accessibility, Interaction Design, User Interface, UX Design

13th September 2019

Cognitive fluency describes our preference for information that is easier to process over that which is more difficult...

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Serial-position Effect

Information Architecture, UX Design

9th August 2019

The next time you look at a series of items – regardless of what it is – cats, goats, or fridges,...

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Hick’s Law

Information Architecture, User Interface, UX Design

6th August 2019

The more options you have, the longer it will take you to make a decision. To minimise the amount of time it takes the...

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