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Serial-position Effect

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The next time you look at a series of items – regardless of what it is – cats, goats, or fridges, you’ll remember the first ones, and the last ones best.

In a series we tend to recall the first and last items with most accuracy and ease, and those in between less so. In that process of recollection we recall the last items (known as the Recency Effect), followed by the first items (known as the Primacy Effect).

This is due to the first in the series of items being stored in long-term memory, and the last items still being stored in the working memory.

Serial-position effect. Source www.ventureharbour.com

In UX design we can use the Serial-position effect to place more important items, for example menu items, at the beginning and end of the menu. Less important items should be placed in the middle.

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